Friday, June 25, 2010

Stressed? Read these summer tips.

The moment I realised summer had truly started was when all the local buses I started to catch had nowhere for me to sit, most passengers before 4pm were tourists, the bus was painfully slow and ready to break down any minute and everyone's body was emitting offensive odours! These are some of the downsides of summer.

Then again there's always a bright side. You can walk your dog at night with your lightest clothes on and feel cool and comfortable under the clear summer skies. You can spend days splashing about in the sea and enjoying outdoor BBQs with family and friends. You can guzzle down litres of ice cold water without getting a brain freeze, slurp ice lollies and get that undeniably relieving feeling when you step into a shop with air conditioning.

Personally, I'm a winter person. I love the cosy moments I can enjoy to escape the cold rather than the cool-off moments I search for because of the heat. However, I appreciate this season for all the good things it brings anyway.

For those who are busy in the summer like me, I have some words of advice:-

  1. Take a day off! And when I say day off I mean a week or at least a weekend! If you're like me summer means busy, Busy, BUSY!! Usually, my first two weeks of summer are pure bliss where I try and avoid all forms of responsibility and then it goes downhill from there and picks up again for Santa Maria Weekend in Malta and the last three weeks of September. I know you may have a busy life but try and take a minute to say 'TIME OUT! I need some ME time now." This is very hard for me to do but I do try and fit in these moments. If you're always on-the-go and can't always afford nights out or weekends off then at least dedicate a whole 24 hours to yourself. You can book a day at a local spa or try out a new sport. Alternatively, if you can spare a weekend off but can't afford to go abroad then spend it in a top quality hotel in Malta or rent a villa/apartment in Gozo! Seriously, it beats working all the time no matter how much of a workaholic you are.
  2. Go on holiday! This is only for those who can afford it. Surprisingly, I don't like leaving Malta in the summer. There are too many good things going on here. Sometimes I don't understand the people who say there is nothing to do here in the summer. Just look around you. The amount of festivals, shows, parties, beach bbqs, festas going on is enough to last you all year! I think the only reason I would travel in the summer is to go to a foreign festival which I have not had the opportunity to do as of yet. Winter months are my favourite months to travel because you're bound to meet more locals for sure as they travel less and I prefer shopping, sightseeing and partying than spending time doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I prefer sleeping in a shared hostel room than finding a room at some posh hotel! That said, summer travel is great too. Good weather is bound to improve your chances of getting around and visiting different places. Since it's high season too you may be able to visit certain attractions that are not available in the winter too! It doesn't really matter though. If you can afford it travel at every opportunity you can find. A change of scene can really revitalise you. Just make sure you settle any bills, conflicts or your cluttered bedroom before you go abroad so that you return to a clean and clear environment. Nothing ruins a holiday more than finding a spiralling mess you have to sort out when you get back.
  3. Flirt! This need not only apply to the single crowd. Summer means less clothes. Less clothes mean more skin. More skin means more sex. Don't deny it. It's true! I'm not telling you to go out and have loads of sex here. I'm just saying that you should let loose a bit and discover your sensuality. Some people don't feel confident in these months. I'm one of those people. The idea of showing the world yourself in swimwear can be daunting to some individuals. This applies to both men and women. Don't be shy to show some skin. Just choose the right swimwear that doesn't draw attention to your problem areas and make sure you hang out with people who make you feel good about yourself. If you have a partner who doesn't feel confident make sure you tell him/her that he looks sexy in that bikini/those swim shorts. He/she will really appreciate it and won't feel so self conscious. Of course, the beach is not the only place to get flirty. There are so many outdoor places to meet someone especially during this World Cup summer. Even if you're not looking for love, a little bit of summer flirting can definitely boost your morale or help you let off some steam after a long week of work. For optimum flirting success, always make sure you're clean and fresh. I take at least three showers a day in the summer! All the sticky and stinky bodies in a club can cause you to hallucinate and hit on the wrong person or even worse, you may put off the right person. And practice some eye contact and funny pick up lines too. Funny pick up lines work because humour is a great way to break the ice! Take advantage of the fewer clothes worn in summer too by 'accidentally' brushing your bare shoulder as you pass by that guy or girl you've had your eyes on. He/she will look back. Turn your head and wink. If you do end up ruffling the sheets though, please use protection!
Enjoy 'Summer Twenty-Ten' my friends.

Much love and sun-tan lotion,

Tammy :)

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