Thursday, December 31, 2009

And so a new decade begins...

I'm always surprised by the contrasting realities that surface when I stop to analyse another year gone by. The fact that the year that passed seemed so short and at the same time was the outlet for so many different events in my life, baffles me. I will not say it was a bad year because that is what I said for 2008 and yet halfway through that year I finally moved house to a better neighbourhood and won a trip to the MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool. I'm not the one to brag but...damn, that was sweet!!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that no matter the amount of go
od fortune that meets us in a particular year we always somehow manage to overshadow that with the bad moments. The truth is that life isn't perfect and something is bound to go wrong. Of course, if you are a spontaneous spirit who plans ahead but then still changes plans every few weeks, you're more prone to disappointment. Not to mention, being a perfectionist and unintentional diva! Oh, these are not words of low self-esteem, my friends. I'm just discovering my true nature as I grow older.

The bottom line is that a 'good' or 'bad' year should only be taken as a reminder that we never really do get it right no mat
ter how hard we try and that sometimes we're spot on perfect without even trying. Such is the irony of life. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all my friends and family for helping me survive another year. Living ain't easy. There are a lot of things that can get you down. With support and love to share, life is more worthwhile. Happy New Year 2010.



And now for the best of 2009:-

8. M.I.A's style

No woman has inspired me this year as much as this politically-opinionated-colour-clash-urban-chic wearing Sri Lankan native. Well, at least style-wise of course.Despite coming from a culture that has fascinated me since the age of ten, she is THE style icon of 2009 - mos' def! I love everything about her style - from her short wavy toussled hair to her Tetris cube inspired finger nail art. I seriously want a watermelon slice oversized tie-dye t-shirt like the one she is wearing in her BIRD FLU video (click on Bird Flu to watch video). Her style is very personal though and not easy to work with the chic-factor she manages to achieve. So, I'll just sit back in awe or just make me my own watermelon t-shirt!

7. Meeting new people

This may seem like nothing special but every year I look back at the new friends I made and the interesting people I met because meeting new people is always fun. You learn new things about yourself and others that you never really knew. Also, my mum is foreign and I don't really know my cousins from her side. 2009 was the year I started fresh and long lasting contacts with these cousins. I even met some abroad more than once. It's a great feeling meeting family you've never met before but always knew were there.

6. Insite

There's a student media organisation at the University I go to that I had been a fan of for the last four years. I had always wanted to be part of this experience and the chance came to me quite by luck. Now since I've joined I've met such lovely people in the media world and realised by dream of working in a media house. We're not a bunch of professionals but we can boast that we have a 9 year publication, TV crew and programmes, website and the legendary IC Weekend under our belt. Looking forward to further positive results for 2010.

5. Following my dreams

Ahh, this year I just went berserk, went on three vacations in the past 12 months and decided to spend my time and money on things that I've been wanting to do forever! It seems that when I realised I'm approaching 20 and towards the end of my degree I went on a wild dream chase, ticking off my ever growing To-do list. First, it started with choir
class where I got to sing a solo twice. Then, it went on to bellydance lessons and finally Arabic language classes. I don't know what got over me. I think I'm going through a quarter life crisis. (click link) Help?

4. Blur reunited and Pearl Jam back on tour

This news is both good and bad. Good, cause these bands are two of my greatest childhood musical influences. Bad, cause one of them I didn't manage to see on tour and are not going to tour again, while the other I seriously doubt I will manage to see on tour next year. Due to the above-men
tioned quarter life crisis I am now broke till the end of my degree. Yes, that is June 2011!!! FML.

3. Falling in Love

You would think that this would take the number one spot. Keep reading...

2. Visiting Amsterdam and Dublin

This was the best holiday ever with around 60 friends
from all over Europe in a boathouse in a harbour in Amsterdam including an exclusive private party sponsored by Sony Ericsson in a central night club, coffee shop adventures, a 13 hour pitstop in Dublin with a bunch of young and hot newly graduated Austrian engineers and a night drinking Guinness in the famous Temple Bar. Pure Bliss.

1. And the number one spot goes to...

Seeing MUSE live at the O2 arena in London!! Just effin unbelievable. I can't even describe the feeling. Sold out arena, state o
f the art lights and graphics show, Matt Bellamy playing the piano, Chris and Dom doing their thang, the largest mosh pits I've ever seen and a free after party at Matter Club featuring Hadouken. Need I say more?

And the worst of 2009:-

3. Michael Jackson Gone

The media have coined this year as the '
Year of the Dead Celebrity'. I don't think that's a very nice te
rm to use but it pretty much sums up the bizarre chain of deaths that have been occuring since Heath Ledger's death in January 2008 and the most recent deaths of Brittany Murphy and The Rev who died a week from each other. However, the one departure I took personally was Michael Jackson's. His death came at a difficult time for me and totally took me by surprise. Not to mention the mean jokes everyone was telling me since they knew I was a fan. I think the loveliest feeling was seeing all his fans sticking together in solidarity. I can't remember the hours I spent following news reports and ceremonies in his honour. It was a sad moment. He was only 50. True icons never die. May his music live forever.

2. Major burnout

I've come to the conclusion that once every year I crack. Halfway through 2009 I decided that I'd had enough of life and will lock myself away from society. First off, I've spent a record amount of money on my personal health problems in one year like never before. Then I was working three jobs and studying all summer for two resits. Finally, I realised that the man I fell in love with was not the man I thought he was. Which leads to the number one spot...

1. Breaking up

It sucks. And not because I love being in a relationship. Actually, I'm very happy being able to do what I do and putting myself first. Not because I'm selfish. But I'm very self aware of my influence on the people and world around me. I like to socialise and do my bit for society. I like to travel, meet new people and party. I am very ambitious and career oriented. Still, it sucked big time because I could not admit that I had fallen out of love. In fact, I only totally got over it a month ago. It takes a real woman to admit that, even though I'm the one who called it a day. Oh well, you live a learn.