Sunday, August 31, 2008

Postcard 2: Rave with the Bass

Let's face it. This week was my beach week. Barbeques. Boat Rides. Midnight skinny-dipping with your best mates. Ah, these experiences really bring you closer to your loved ones.


...I am Maltese.

Therefore, shove aside the Roman Catholic image, sweep the rosy Mediterranean beach-lifestyle under the carpet and that means you're left with one thing. PARTIES. Lots of them.

We Maltese are hardcore party animals. We drink. We get drunk. We party. It's what we do. Of course, I generalise here like in any other example. However, we can't help but breathe in the Ibizesque ambience that our island offers. Malta would have the potential of being the next Ibiza if it was not so conservative as it says it is. OK, maybe I exaggerate, but I can dream can I? Paceville is a snore except for a few places here and there. However, there are several other clubs that offer great party potential around the country. Maybe the Maghtab Rehabiliation Project could be turned into the Malta-Ibiza Conversion Project. If Maltese clubbers and the MTV supporting Ministry of Culture and Tourism fancy this idea I bet it would materialise faster than a fat kid eats a Mc Donald's meal after walking a block to get some food!!!

Anyway, the reason why I wrote this second blog on the same day is because despite my beach inclinatory evenings I did attend a party this weekend. What? Me, not attending a party? Blasphemy! Hehe. So it was to my great pleasure that my best friend and I went to Seventh Heaven at Sky Club, Paceville yesterday to attend the 3rd CHARGED event in Malta. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew that the Funk Junkies from the UK would be performing as well as one of my favourite new Maltese DJs, Moose.

My comments - Cecil Mc Carthy can sure drop a beat!! Also, them Funk Junkies were pretty good. Apparently, they hold a regular residency with Gatecrasher and are part of the Award winning CHARGED team who Maltese DJ, Cecil Mc Carthy also forms part of. I really believe that these are the Maltese DJs that are really breaking the scene right now. Marcus Lauri also took to the decks last night and really got the crowd high. He has been in the bizniz for many years now. His close friend Moose who invited me to the event started off a bit slow but only so that he could work the crowd into a frenzy later on with some techy house tunes and something that sounded like Eric Prydz. If you are reading this Moose, do you remember what songs you were playing between 2.05am and 2.30am? LOL. I need to know. ^^

Yeah, so that was my night. I must say I really enjoyed it. However, the photographer was a major pain in the backside. Still cool though. It was also another excuse to frequent my favourite spot in Paceville - SKY club. Love, LoVe, LOVE it!! :D

And now, for my well-deserved beauty sleep. That tan won't really work well with puffy eyes, will it? :P

Hope you all had a massive weekend!

Over and out. ZZZzzz.

Postcard 1: Fun in the Sun

My skin is sun-kissed by the gods.

Yes, all you envious readers. This is one good reason why living in Malta is a privilege.

*Grins like a mischievious rascal*

Today the day was spent in idle paradise on the little neighbouring island of Comino. For all you readers who have never visited Malta but have listed it down as your next holiday destination, Comino is THE place to visit. Not only does it offer the tranquil and clear waters of the Blue Lagoon but it also is a haven for diving and geographical enthusiasts. This azure dreamland was also captured in films such as Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo and Swept Away. So film-buffs can also appreciate the island.

I hadn't been to Comino in ages so I feel so refreshed and just had to write this little promotion down. hehe. What can I say? I'm an island dweller. The sea is the heart of my environment. Days like this make you appreciate your roots. Truly magical.

Plus I have a killer tan!!! HAHAHA

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to Black

I am sitting, back-to-wall, legs spread out, laptop on lap on my new bed in my new room in our new house. It's 9.01pm...I really should be getting ready to go out but I am compelled to the bright screen of my spring green Dell. I've been blogging for a long time with many hiccups along the way. Blogging is easy if you have what to blog about. That is why I have gone through booms and recessions in the blogging arena. However, I have opinions and ideas which I need to put into writing since this is my favourite medium of communication. Yeah, I'm not much of an expressive person LIVE, but I love to write and that's what I've always wanted to do. Pretty straightforward init? Hmm, easier blogged than done!

So listen up fokes!! I have created this blog aptly titled BLACK CHERRY or CHERIE NOIRE or BLACK CHERIE - whatever tickles your fancy. Why?

Cause I love cherries - D'OH!

And it is actually one of my nicknames and I feel it expresses me and my world too. There you have it then - a BLOG is born! Muhahahahaha

Stay tuned for more on my life, the world around me and most importantly exclusive reviews, mp3, videos, articles on the music industry as viewed by me.

Tamara Chetcuti